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Hey everyone!

I'm Aik Sachcha Ruh.. well okay Duh! I guess you'd already know that huh? Otherwise... who's profile are you reading?! ;P

Anyways. My name means 'A True Soul". It's different and unique like me so that's why I chose it.

I've been drawing since maybe the end of march, beginning of april of '07- so not that long. I used to draw before but with things like school, I had to give it up for a while. So my technique (I guess you could call it that) is a tad bit rusty.

I've recently fallen in love with anime shows because... well what reason isn't there? So, that's basically what I'm doing here. ;P

Okay, a little about me... Well I'm... unique. ;P I already said that didn't I? I have a slightly um heh twisted sense of humor as you may come to see in future pics. Maybe. I'm generally friendly so don't be shy :D well... unless you're a total *insert bad name here* then... you should fear me. I don't like flamers or negative people too much. Wow... aha- there's a way to make friends, huh? ;P Srry- but just to give you a fair warning. I love to draw and write and dance- I'm just very artsy. :D

I'd love to do art trades or requests- just PM me anytime! It may take a while because I am a perfectionist on things I really love doing.

Please feel free to add me as a friend. And I'll be sure to add you too!;D PM me anytime to say hi or ask any questions- though I don' know how much help I'll be... ^.^" ;P

Wow- this is looong. ;P


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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