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Hello. Im Jasper Cullen. I have 2 brothers and a sister. i am a guy, and i already have a girl so don't get any ideas. My very best girl friend Shelby oftheSand (Shelby)She Showed me this site and i liked it so i signed up. I hope you like my site. Laterness.


Graveyard - The Devil Makes Three

Sunday, August 24, 2008


not that anyone cares in the first place >_> but still. SCHOOL STARTS ON THE 28TH. SHOOT ME.

have a nice life.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Today was interesting. the day went by and i passed by the juniors *i dont even know their names* a lot in the hall ways, and each time they did they glared at me (naturaly). but i just ignored them as usual, turning to alice and listening to what someone was saying, making a joke or something. i like making people like them mad. then after school, we went to a spot outside the lunchroom, and it was...outside (duh). its a very small space with a lot of concrete *however u spell it -_-* Alice, edward, emmett, tabi, kim and adrian were inside looking out to me and the other guy. they decided they wanted to take TURNS with me -_- stupid right? there were three of them and i was standing there with my hands in my pockets. i remember every frigin detail about that stupid fight, WHY, im not so sure myself. so after school me and everyone go into the caffeteria and those gys are waiting for me outside siting on the concrete. I go out the doors and Emmett insists on coming out with me, but i just told him to relax and id try talking these bafoons out of this rediculous fight. so i walk out, hands in my pockets, and i stand there. "yo" i say. (lol this sounds totally pathetic, but story format is the only kind of format i can explain anything in >,<) They get up and one of the smaller guys walks up to me, taking off his jacket and tossing it to the side. "so you little shit, you ready to feel the pain?" -___- totally lame. "sure whatever, but why dont you tell me first what i did to make you so mad at me." Im trying to do the inoccent act, alright? lol. "Why do i need a reason?" "Because you're a brainless oaf if you think you can pick fights without reason. Fights are stupid in general." I think calling him a brainless oaf didn't help my situation, because he frigin DARTED to me and threw a punch which i somehow managed to miss by almost falling backwards. I think i pretty much dodged and counterattacked the whole time. again, sorry if this sounds pathetic, but its the only way i can do this. >,O. The guy finally got a very..painful hit on my shoulder, and by TOTAL REFLEX, i punched his face in T_T. i was trying to stop the fight, not fule it!! Curse my reflexes... So this pissed the guy off even more so he kicked me in my side, and that really hurt. so i had to hold my side for a second and in that second, the ....*cough* he KICKED ME IN THE FACE!! ugh. that REALLY hurt, forget my side >,<. i spun around a little and had to refocus on what was hapening, but my eyes weren't doing anything, so i took a guess at the three of the same dude, and swung a right hook to him. hehehe. it was so funny. he was like "YOU HIT ME!" ......come ON people. lol! i started laughing at him and so was everyone inside! oh damn that was funny. ud have to have been there to understand. he was holding his face like "O.O" haha XD. even the other two of that guys friends were holding back huge laugh. id be kind of ashamed O.0 but oh well. and i wasn't going to pull my punches at this guy because i didn't want to sink to them. so i let the guy refocus, as well as myself. Emmett was cheering me on from inside it was hillarious XD *sighs* my big brother emmett. haha *shakes head* by now, hed have taken these guys out at the same time,but im not as stron and big as he is so it takes me a while. haha. the guy felt totally defeated cuz i hit him ONCE...ONCE!!! so he gave up and the other guy comes up. he leaves his jacket on and seriously starts going all out on me! punching kicking kneeing everything! (im in a lot of pain if you were wondering. haha) aparently it got so far as to the point Emmett and Edward had to run in and save my ass >,< i dont even remember have the beating i got from that second guy, the third guy ran in, but emmett just kinda...*cough* picked him up and threatened to throw the guy. but the guy chickened out and emmett just dropped him and he BOOKED it. lol the second guy was being taken care of by Edward, from what i could hear. but one thing that pissed me off so bad......... UGH i seriously TWEEKED OUT on this guy. he kicked Edward....*cough* below the belt! everyone pretty much gasped, and i freeked out and JUMPED this guy. i wonder if i broke his jaw after punching him that last time.... i wont bother telling you the rest of my.....TANGENT of beating this guy up cuz he hurt my brother. so im in pain HES in pain and they guys are in pain. lol. so but the cullens pretty much PWNED these guys. end of story XD
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