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------------------------------------------July 6rd, 2008---------------------------------------
Today is my 2nd ex’s b-day =.= I’m suppose to call him to wish him happy B-day since I don’t want to cheat him off his happiness but I don’t want to talk to him! He always get so emotional on me, it’s frustrated…which is the reason why I broke up with him in the first place. *sigh* My friends said I’ve become heartless…
Anyways, I’ll call him later. Can’t run away from my responsibility forever.
My day had been pretty peaceful and slow so far. I woke up at 9am, went to have omelet and potato bread for breakfast. It’s so yummy, I’m still drooling right now just thinking about it. After that, I went to do the usual chores, then saw the movie 10,000B.C. with my cousins. The action are pretty ok and the ending is very romantic ;) I have a thing for movie with good ending lol. Anyhow, we saw the movie “the eye” too and it’s a horror movie. Not really scary as I thought. Oh well.
I want to go ice skating or roller-skating with my friends, so maybe I’ll call them later to check too. Which reminds me, since I also got to call Tiffany L. , the people who USED to be my volunteer coordinator. She said she’s gonna kick me off the list for no reason even though she already got fired!! Grrr…I swear we are mortal enemy or something.
Okay, here we go: Song of the day!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Update
It been a while since I have updated this page, since life keeps pulling me away with its current. Anyhow, alot have changed. Looking back at the posts and art works that I made 5 years ago, I realize how different I am now compare to who I was.

With that said, this page will be under contruction. I hope to still have your support with my new art works, which will be posted in about 3 weeks. As for my friends whom I had made alot of memories with, come by and say hi!!

Hope you see you around!!

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