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Hello,my name is Yurahime. Welcome to my site!^^And as you can see I am a HUGE fan of Final Fantasy.I really love to draw and write.I hope to make peoples' life happy with my books and artwork.I am a believer in Christ.I thank him for blessing me with the gifts and talents I have today.I hope that you all like my site and liked my poems.Feel free to sign to my guestbook and PM me anytime!

You dont need a reason to help people.How can you prove that you exist,maybe we dont exist.Having sworn fealty must I spend my life in servitude?I do what I want,you have problem?Someday,I will be queen,but I will always be myself.To be forgotten is worth than death.The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty.But,as my crimson tear falls to the sea.I always wish that I dont wanna be alone anymore.
What was the start of all this?When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now,from deep within the flow of time.But..for a certainty,back then.We loved so many yet hated so much.We hurt others and were hurt ourselves,yet even then,we ran like the wind.Whilst our laughter echoed.Under cerulean skies.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

   Sneak Preview for my Final Fantasy Fanfic:Cloud's and Tifa's Kiss.
Hey everyone!I have a good thing for you!I have a sneak preview for my friends that really wanna read my Final Fantasy fanfic.Hope you all like this!
Tifa sat there...alone,
in her room in the inn.Cloud and the gang were finally at the Moonflow.Tifa layed on her soft,warm bed.The covers were so soft.Suddenly,a light flashed.Tifa sat up quickly,she saw Aerieth.
"Aerieth..."said Tifa.
"What are you doing in here?"said Aerieth."What do you mean?"said Tifa."Shouldn't you be with Cloud?"replied Aerieth."Hmph!"scolded Tifa.She layed on the bed and faced the wall."Im never talking that jerk again."replied Tifa."What?"rep-
ied Aerieth."He doesnt love me like I thought he did.He hates me..."Tifa answered."Tifa..."said Aerieth."What?!"Tifa said with anger in the tone in her voice."Go to Cloud...Now..."said Aerieth.
"And why should I?"said Tifa."Because you heart is telling you to,but you wont accept it,dang it!"said Aerieth angriley.Tifa sat up and stared at Aerieth.Aerieth was surprised that she got that mad."She's right....My heart can't take the pain anymore."Tifa thought."Ngh!"Tifa clenched onto her heart and moaned in pain."Aerieth..What can I do make this pain go away?"replied Tifa."....Tell Cloud how you feel..."said Aerieth.
Tifa's eyes opened wide.
Tifa got up from the bed.She walked past Aerieth."Where's...Cloud at now?"asked Tifa."In the Moonflow...Go to him.Im sure he's waiting."smiled Aerieth.Tifa nodded,she grabbed the doorknob."Thanks Aerieth,for everything."said Tifa.Aerieth nodded.
ing."said Aerieth.Tifa nodded,she ran out the door.Aerieth fell to her knees,coughing and clenching her chest."Hopefully...this'll work."she thought."Please..dont back down....Cloud...."she said to herself softly.
Rain came down,Thunder
pounding and flashing the sky.Droplets dripped into the water.Pyreflies floated around Cloud,standing in the middle of the water,drenching wet in the rain.His hair soaked,his eyes closed,enjoying the droplets hitting his face.Pyreflies gracefully floated around him.He then sighed alittle.
Tifa was running throught
the hallway.She ran past people.She ran past Tidus and Yuna real quick.Then gone."What's with her?"said Yuna,Tidus shrugged.Tifa,kept running.
She ran out the door,now outside,she was in the rain.Soaked real fast,she averted her brown eyes over to the Moonflow,and saw him.Cloud...in the center."CLOUD!!"Tifa yelled out.Cloud's eyes opened immediately to the sound of the girl's voice.He turned and saw Tifa afar on the shore.
"Cloud!"said Tifa."Tifa..."he said under his breath.Tifa jumped into the water and swam toward Cloud.Tifa came to the surface and was in front of Cloud."Tifa..."said Cloud."Its you..."said Tifa,about to cry."What?"remarked Cloud,confused."What do you mean?"
"Its you...You're the one for me.You're the one I want beside me every morning when I wake up!Its....always been you.."said Tifa,between sobs.Cloud stood there,just staring."I...I-I...I love you...Cloud..I love you..I..always have."sobbed Tifa.Cloud...surpr-
ised.Tifa cried now.Cloud stood there,watching her sob.He got closer to her...Tifa said his name in soft wispers between sobs."...Tifa..."said Cloud softly.Tifa looked up,tears in eyes.Brown met blue,blue met brown.Tifa still sobbed.Cloud smiled alittle small smile.
Aerieth stood on the shore,
watching the two in the water."Come...on...do it now.."thought Aerieth to herself.She coughed again,she clenched onto her chest,and she coughed."Please..hurry."thought Aerieth.
"Tifa..."said Cloud softly.
Tifa sobbed."...I...I love you....more than anything."said Cloud.Tifa still sobbed.Aerieth heard what Cloud was saying."Heck,I even love you more than I loved Aerieth."said Cloud."Oh my Gawd!"sobbed Tifa with joy."He...does..love me."thought Tifa.Cloud brushed his wet hair out of his face.He came closer to Tifa.Closer...closer...and closer...and closer."Cloud..."Tifa sobbed softly.Tifa,feeling Cloud wrap his strong left,muscular arm around her and...bringing her into something she had been waiting for what feel like for years.One kiss.Feeling those gentle lips of his touch her scared,trembling lips felt so right to Tifa.Cloud,closing his own blue eyes,ran his right hand up Tifa's back to bring her more closer and to deepen the kiss as well.Tifa closed her brown eyes,letting the last of the tears run down her face,enjoying the beautiful kiss she had always waited for.Cloud ran both hands up Tifa's body to her head,grabbing it gently,hands placed on her cheecks.Tifa slowly placed her trembling hands on his wrists.She felt Cloud move his arms around her,she felt herself wrap her arms around his neck to deepen the kiss.
Aerieth stood there,she saw
her body start to diassapear and turn into the pyreflies.She looked up from her disappearing body and looked up to see Cloud and Tifa,Still kissing.Aerieth smiled."See...everything is going to be..alright..."she said with a small smile.Staring one last time,the two kept fading.Deeper,and deeper.Till finally,all there she could see was white.Then.....there was nothing.
Hope you like this,plz comment!XD

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

   The Cloud Song!
Hey everyone.I have a new post.I hope you all like this.Its a song that Cloud suings when he is a chibi!O.O
My name is Cloud,
I have a sword,
I fight cactuars,
because i am bored,
I like to ride,
on chocobos,
Its better than having afros,OH NO XD!
When I go,
into a inn,
15 seconds,
its day again,
And i will use,
a phoenix down,
So when I die,
I will not frown,
Because I am Cloud,
my hair defies all gravity,
and I cant use too many potions,
or I might get cavities,
If I cant slice you,
then thats okay,
I'll use ,my magic anyway,
I will defeat,
that Sephiroth,
because he's not,
I hope you all like this and hope that this makes you laugh all day!^^

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

   1000 Words.
If there are some of you that dont know the lyrics to the song that Yuna sings in the Final Fantasy X-2,1000 words.I got them right here!^-^ Here you all are to those who are dying to know the lyrics!
Yuna:I know that you're
hiding things.Using gentle
words to shelter me.Your
words were like a dream.But
dreams could never fool me.
Not that easily.
I acted so distant then.
Didnt say goodbye before you
left.But I was listening.You
fight your battles far from me.
Far too easily.
Save your tears,cause I'll come
back.I could hear that you wispered.
As you walked through that door.But
still I strove to hide the pain when
I turned the pages.Shouting might
have been the answer.What if I cried
my eyes out and begged you not to
depart?But,now I am not afaraid to
Lenne:Whats in my heart!
Cause of a thousand words.Called out
through the ages.They'll fly to you.
Even though I cant see.I know they're
reaching you.Suspended on silver
Oh a thousand words.
A thousand embraces
Will cradle you.
Making all of your weariness
They'll hold you forever.
Lenne:Oh a thousand words.
(Yuna:A thousand words)Lenne:Have
never been spoken.(Yuna:Oh yeah)
Lenne:They'll fly to you.
Lenne:They'll carry you home.(Yuna:
Carry you home)Lenne:And,back into my
arms.Yuna:Suspended on silver wings.
(Lenne:Oh silver wings)
Yuna:And a thousand words.
(Lenne:Oh)Yuna:Called out through
the ages.(Lenne:Called through the
ages)Yuna:They'll cradle you.(Lenne:
Oh yeah)Yuna:They seem so lonely.Yuna:Holydays.
(Lenne:Holydays)Yuna:They'll hold you
forever!Yuna:Oh a thousand words.
Well,I hope that this helped you search for the lyrics of the song.Enjoy!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

   I hope you all like my poem
I hope that you all like the poems here.Now I wrote another one.Please tell me what you think.
The learning of Love.
From you,I learned how to love
And for that I can never thank you.
I can never show you just what you did.
Because what you did,is something no one
can repeat.
You did something that no one could ever
make me do.
But you did,and you know what?
I have and always will love you.
Until the end of my days,I will always
be beside you.
So tell me what you think ok?

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

   Another drawing!
Yay!Im on a drawing frenze!!Heh,I hope to submit some soon.
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