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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

   cloverfield translation
1st page:
1st sentence: Why was I born
2nd sentence: If this is destiny, then it is only darkness (hell)
3rd sentence: Is there some way I can escape?
2nd page:
sfx: *goboah* (air bubbles in water)
3rd page:
1st column: The more I try to swim the more I drown...
1st column: sfx: *gabah* (comes out of water) *gasp*
2nd column: It's too early. That was only 30 seconds! Can't you stand it for about 2 minutes?
*laughs* I guess I win this bet
4th column: Eh? What do you want?
5th column: *laugh* He needs to go to the bathroom, duh.
Oh. Right.
5th page:
1st column: Oook now for round two. sfx: *grab*
Go over 2 minutes 30 seconds this time, ok?
2nd column: F...forgive me already... I can't do it. I'll die...
3rd column: Fine-
4th column: Then 5th column: Don't worry. We'll watch your death. We'll write your will later too. "I'm a nobody. That's why I'll die."
How should he die? Hmm...
6th page:
1st column: ? What's this?
2nd column: That's...
3rd column: Let go of my pants. Now your germs are on it.
4th column: What if I get sick?! Huh?! sfx: *punch*
7th page:
1st column: sfx: *BAM*
2nd column: oww... that hurt....
3rd column: sfx: *grab*
4th column: *gasp*
Die, bitch!
5th column: Don't.
8th page:
1st column: At least, not his face.
2nd column: If you're going to do it... ya gotta do it in a way that you don't get caught
4th column: *snicker* look, he's groveling
5th column: sfx: *rustle*
9th page:
1st column: hey, pass!
2nd column: Ah...!
4th column: Aiko, over here!
10th page:
1st column: Hey, what're you doing?
2nd column: I don't really like this sort of bullying...
3rd column: It's almost time for class,
4th column: Aiba.
11th page:
1st column: Here.
Tch, party pooper.
2nd column: Don't interfere, woman!
4th column: sfx: *riiing*
5th column: eh? ...eh?
6th column: Emergency drill?
We just did that last week. Even though we skipped it
12th page:
1st column: *pin pon pan pon* (PA sound in japanese schools)
2nd column: that alarm bell was just a malfunction. all students return to your classes.
3rd column: oh, just a malfunction.
that scared me...
6th column: oh!
13th page:
1st column: hmm? where are you going, Kishin?
didn't you hear the evacuation alert?
2nd column: Y' gotta hurry up and go to the evacuation area...
14th page:
4th column: sfx: *zaaa* (ocean waves)
5th column: sfx: *creak*
6th column: sfx *zabaa* (ocean waves)
15th page:
2nd column: Hey, look at this. My wife's going to have a baby soon <3
3rd column: That's the 6th time you said that
s'alright, its a big event anyway
4th column: Only for you!
{I can't read the small writing in the middle sorry ^A^;;}
I already picked out a name
5th column: Yuuto
I never asked!
6th column: Hey... everyone else look, too
Shut up! Nobody cares!
7th column: I can finally meet him/her
16th page:
1st column: When I'm finished with this job, I can finally meet my kid.
2nd column: Finally.
3rd column: sfx: *thump*

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