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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

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Friday, January 11, 2008

*giggles* kool kool!

Naruto 7 mins in Heaven!!! LONG DETAILED results and pics!! x

You got Kankuro!

You looked lazily at your slip of paper. "Kankuro?" you asked, indifferently. You didn't think much of him, except it was a little strange he wore make-up... speaking of which, where was he exactly? Some guy with spiky brown hair stood up and walked towards the closet. You glanced at him and then did a double take. "Kankuro?!" you exclaimed in shock, "is that you?" He looked back innocently at you. Man, hes hot!, you thought.

"Behave in there, Kankuro!" Temari called warningly. You walked in the closet after him and shut the door, enveloping you two in darkness.

"Surprised to see me fresh-faced?" Kankuro asked, his voice low and smooth. You could tell he was quite close to you, probably leaning up against the wall next to you.

"Suits you," you said calmly, "dunno why you bother with the make-up - its too girly anyway." If this annoyed him, he didnt show it, but continued with the smooth-talk.

"Well, Ill just have to prove to you just how manly I am so." You smirked. How cocky was he! You couldn't say you weren't enjoying it though; you'd always been a shameless flirt, you two suited each other quite well.

"And just how could you do that?" you asked innocently, smiling to yourself.

"It'll be easier to show you..." he whispered into your ear and then nibbled it gently. You suddenly felt Kankuro's lips on your's, and he was kissing you, full of passion and intensity, but not too rough. You kissed back, licking at his bottom lip for entrance. He opened his mouth and you began to explore every inch of it, getting into it. Kankuro pushed you up against the wall and started grinding his body into you. You could feel him hardening against your leg, obviously enjoying this just as much as you were.

You reached your hands up his shirt and felt his chest, his chiseled muscles flexing under your touch. He had an amazing body! You began to rub up and down his chest as he applied more force into you. Kankuros lips left yours and he began to trail kisses down your jaw line and to your neck. He started to suck sensually on your delicate spot on your neck, biting ever so slightly. You knew this was going to leave a mark but you didnt care. You moaned audibly and Kankuro smirked. He started to rub up your thighs and onto your waist, where he continued upwards, lifting your top. As it was flung to the side, Kankuro grabbed your breasts, squeezing tightly. You moaned again and kissed him roughly, putting your hands around his neck and rubbing your fingers through his hair.

You lifted your legs and put them around him so he was supporting you up against the wall. His hands roamed up your thighs, and you were wearing a skirt. He grabbed your ass and rubbed it forcefully. You slipped your hands up his shirt once again and pulled it off, exposing his toned chest. Kankuro was still grinding into you, pinning you to the wall.

Suddenly light flooded the closet and you swung your head around to see Temari holding the door open, while everyone else looked in behind her. Everyone's faces looked rather shocked as you two quickly tried to get your tops back on and flatten down your hair.

"What the hell did you do to her, you idiot?!" Temari shouted at Kankuro, hitting him hard over the head. She continued to scream at him, telling him off, while you quietly walked over to a corner and sat down, face blushing hugely.

You and Kankuro continued to hook up a lot after the party and eventually ended up going out!

Hope you enjoyed it! ^-^

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