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hi^^ welcome to my site^0^ i dont really know what to say here but ok..i love anime and manga and loved it for most of my life^^ my favorites are inuyasha and fruits basket!! i pretty much tought my self to draw (never been to an art class in my life) thanx for visiting^^

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requests r open^^
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Monday, December 31, 2007

   hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!(i like exclamation marks^__^)
Itís been awhile! But since term paper is over with(all 12 pages-__- now I know the hobbit by heart!*cracks up*) iv gotten back to drawing^^ tehe I posted them up already if u want to check them out^^

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hope u like them^^
my mp3 that I got for the holidays ended up being defective(when I would charge it for hours it would still say battery low-__-Ď) so I went to best buy with my dad to exchange it so now itís a blue one^^ and works great^0^ also when we were waiting in line we saw a ps3 and my dad asked if that was the one I wanted to get, I told him no I wanted the ps2. he asked me how much it was(130$) and then said ok go get a cart and put it inXDDD so now I have a silver playstaion2!!!!!!! Im really excited!!! (Well its for the whole family but im the one thatís gonna use it the most^^ lol ) now I need to get games and a memory card^^ im planning on getting kingdom hearts and spyro first! (If I get any others ill be broke^^í im using my gift cards from the holidays) do u guys know of any really good role playing games?? (I hate fighting ones like mortal combat type-__- they annoy me lol)
I finished my term paper last week as well!!! All 12 pages of it^0^ (she let us do 12 instead of 13 so that was a relief!) im glad I chose the hobbit because if it was a different book then I would have lost interest a while back^^í lol
I started reading the manga ouran high school host club and I love itXDD im up to #5! I hope I could get the others soon! I love the hitachin(sp?) brothers! Theyíre so cute^0^ and I read the kingdom hearts series also! Its really cute^^
1)do u know of any good ps2 rpg games??
2)know of any non-popular manga thats very good?
3)what time is it??(haha i stole this q from neko-chan^0^ lolz)
Well have an awesome day!!!!!!!

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