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Hmm...now how should I describe myself?Well,for starters,Ima crazy,hyper person.Everything on this earth can intertain meh.Genkai-Master.Please excuse my stupid and long username.I had to think of some name for my account here,and randomly thought up that one.Sooooooooo,yeah.Basically,I'm an animefreak in the least,so haters,LEAVE!Anyways,besides me being a little emo,I am a really sarcastic and funny person to be around.I also have fallen in love with the 'bad guys' or insane people of anime.(all of Akatsuki,Sesshomaru,Naraku,Envy,Mikami,Wrath,ect.)My three best friends on this planet would be my sister Keiko Hatake,Panda the happy goth panda,and Deidei,the crack girl.
I luvs them all the little nuts >-<;
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Thankies my dears!
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Monday, January 28, 2008

   OMG Deidara's English DUB voice!*dies*
Yes!It's finally here!*fangirl heartattack*
Deidei sounds...cute :] Not as great as I thought it would be,but it's totally cute!He sounds kinda like Axel though..:O I hope they come out with Sasori's DUB voice soon.I can't wait! *_____*

Heres teh vid >.<

(did ya know?That's Quinton Flynn![may lightening strike me dead if I spelled that wrong O___< ])

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Gotta make this one quick too!I do manage to get on the Computer at school,so that's a good thing...anyways,I'll be grounded for a while.]X (nine more weeks actually)


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