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Saturday, November 17, 2007

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For Angel Leilaís visitors

First part

ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WONT BE HERE ANYMORE SO DONíT PM ME OR ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!! If YOU HAVE ACCOUNT ON MINITOKYO, VISIT ME THEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! USERNAME-YORUANGEL866 Yo,YOOOOOOOOOOOOO dear brothers and sisters, Don't forget to add me as a friend or you're all gonna dieeeee!!!!! I will korose all of you...(not kidding:D) We are all here to sumon the dark lord of "giving me more anime".Thanx for beeing here ya all..

Second part

Welcome to my ninja domainÖ.. Iím Kristina, girl who loves Itachi.I have sister Katarina and she is on this site too. Her username is Moon Fangs
Also if you want to join club just pm me or sign guestbook there
I love to watch anime and my favorites are naruto,ouran,shounen onmyoji, and many more.I watched over 60 animes and you can conclude Iím anime opssesed If you want to be my friend better read my rulesÖ. I have 15 years and I love to play games and watch anime(I already said that) you can find me on these sites: Minitokyo-YoruAngel866 Youtube-YoruAngel86 Animepaper-AngelLeila Dgraymananime-Angel Esther Photobucket-Angel Chriss Thanx for being here!

I joined Akatsuki club


My post

Hi i'm just here to say that i wont be on otaku for long...well i'll go once in a month...
anyway if you wish to contact me make account on minitokyo if you already dont have,...please...you can find my userpage in contact part of my site...
sorry i wont be visiting you again
i just wanted to say that i miss you guys!

Farewell my friends

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